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As people who regularly host dinner parties, we love it when the size of a get-together naturally grows. Our friends invite their friends and pretty soon the party is poppin’. Those spontaneous nights have a different kind of energy that can make them irresistibly fun and memorable. But you can’t plan for that kind of thing and, pretty soon, someone has to leave to pick up more drinks. With magnums, everyone can stay put for all the don’t-want-to-miss-it moments.  

Additionally, large format bottles are intrinsically generous. A big part of why they’re popular in France is the culture of generosity there. They believe that good food and wine are meant to be both savored and shared, so having more than enough is itself a gift and act of graciousness. Whether it’s the host that serves it or the guest that brings it, magnums show that someone went out of their way to care for the people they’re with, which makes them suitable for special occasions like holidays, birthdays, and showers.

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